coastal-landscape-capri-iCoastal Landscape Capri1901-seagull-in-front-of-the-cliffs-of-capriSeagull in front of the Cliffs of Capriview-of-the-coast-of-capriView of the coast of CapritoteninselToteninselto-the-rescueTo the rescuethe-great-sphinx-of-gizaThe Great Sphinx of Giza


Karl Wilhelm Diefenbach was a German Symbolist painter and radical social reformer. He attended the Munich Academy of Art and was deeply inspired by the works of fellow symbolist Swiss painter Arnold Bocklin. Diefenbach was a natural medicine practitioner living a nature-centered existence and mainly vegetarian, an oddity at this time. His lifestyle rejected many social norms of the age including religion which among other issues forced him for a time to flee to Egypt. This relocation saw his work focus of the ancient ruins and temples of that land. As a painter he is an independent representative of Art Nouveau and Symbolism. He spent his later years on the Island of Capri painting the rocky coast. Diefenbach’s life was as storied as his work and both paint a dramatic and original landscape.

sea-nymphs-in-grotta-minervaSea-nymphs in Grotta Minervalanscaspe-capriLanscaspe Capri

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blue-grottoBlue grotto Caprian-allegory-of-lost-loveAn allegory of lost love

thou-shalt-not-killThou shalt not killseagull-in-front-of-the-cliffs-of-capri-190Seagull in front of the cliffs of Capriquestion-to-the-starsQuestion to the StarscapriCapricapri-iiCapri